New aqua park to open in Tbilisi
18 July, 2013
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A new aqua park by Gino Paradise will open in early August near the Sea of Tbilisi. Representatives of the resort staff said a Georgian businessman working in Europe had made a 22 million investment in the project.
The new entertainment center will have the space of 22 hectares and include Summer and Winter aqua parks, 25-meter long pools of Olympic standards, a number of cafes as well as spa centers and other attractions.

By Lika Moshiashvili

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There are precious few spots that are both off the grid and out of this world. Budget Travel asked a dozen professional globe-trotters to take us to their most secret hideaways.
On the twenty-seventh of June, our Prime Minister placed his signature under the Georgia-EU Association Agreement, cementing the country’s relationship with the European Union.
Personal life of Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia, is constantly in the center of public attention, with ceaseless interest towards his partner Maka Chichua, and his daughter Ana Margvelashvili.
Georgian armed forces are involved in a peacekeeping mission operated under the EU aegis. Soldiers of one of the infantry battalions of Georgia have already departed
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