Tea Tsulukiani’s father is the bloodiest judge in history of independent Georgia - Tinatin Bokuchava
10 January, 2013
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Member of the parliament from the National Movement party, Tinatin Bokuchava, stated there was evidence that Avtandil Tsulukiani, former judge and father of the justice minister Tea Tsulukiani, was a member of the work group of court reform.
Bokuchava stated the justice minister was advised by her father, who served as a judge from 1991-1997, issuing 20 death penalties during that time.
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According to Mikheil Saakashvili, in 2012 there were lawsuits against Bidzina Ivanishvili and Irakli Gharibashvili that accused them of laundering tens of millions.
“Ugulava’s imprisonment is a celebration of justice” – Irakli Gharibashvili
According to Irakli Gharibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia, imprisonment of Gigi Ugulava is a celebration for all advocates of justice. This statement was made by Gharibashvili
“In fighting for your interests, you can consider me a Georgian” – Klitchko
On the 2nd of July a meeting with members of Georgian diaspora was held, which was attended by Mikheil Saakashvili along with Vitaly Klitchko, the mayor of Kiev.
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“A new great date is about to be written in the chronicles of our homeland. While giving us a new hope, this day is surely poised to make our posterity proud” – declared Prime Minister of Georgia
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