Russian Immigration Service to submit 9 Thousand Georgians’ Cases to Court
13 June, 2012

Russian immigration service intends to submit cases of 9000 Georgian citizens who are illegal immigrants in Russia to court. Head of the immigration service of the Russian federation Konstantin Rodanovsky told journalists about it.
“9000 citizens of Georgia are in the territory of Russia now, who exceeded 90 days of legally being in the country. We’ll find and send them to court”, Romonadnovsky said.
He states that in 2006, Citizens of Georgia were legally deported from Russia.
“All citizens of Georgia were sent to their homeland after the court’s decision”, head of the immigration service of Russian Federation stated.
The final hearing of the Georgia vs. Russia case will be held today at the European Court of Human Rights.
Procedural work on the case will end today and the court will declare its decision in some months.
“The main line of our dispute is to raise the responsibility of the Russian federation for persecution of Georgians and their expulsion based on ethnicity and violation of human rights in this process. We also ask compensation to be paid to all the individuals who were damaged by the Russian policy”, Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Justice Tina Burjaliani said.
Before the final hearing, members of the Georgian delegation will meet with the President of the European Court of Human Rights.
The case is about illicit expulsion of Georgians by Russia in 2006. The Georgian party addressed the court in 2007.