US Congress resolution is an indication that getting closer to NATO is possible through democratic elections – Irakli Alasania
08 June, 2012

The resolution by the US Congress is a direct indication that getting closer to NATO is possible by conducting democratic elections.
Irakli Alasania, one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream coalition, made the above-mentioned statement. Alasania attended the discussion of the resolution in Washington along with Tedo Japaridze, another leader of the coalition.
Alasania’s video comment was published on his official Facebook website. According to him, the Resolution of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress is a very important document for Georgia and the country’s euro-Atlantic integration.
‘Main focus of attention today is on conducting free, fair, democratic and competitive elections in Georgia’, he noted.
The video also includes Congressman Bill Shuster’s comment, which says the resolution stresses the need for further democratic reforms in Georgia. The congressman believes parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for autumn, will be a critical moment in the country’s post-soviet development.
‘It is important for these elections to be fair and free, and to be recognized not only by monitors but the Georgian people themselves’, Shuster says.