Ilia the Second – Human is Helpless but Still Remains Image of God
01 June, 2012

Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the second delivered a church service regarding St. Nino’s day. The Patriarch declared after the service that St. Nino was very young when she decided to visit Georgia, where the robe of Jesus was and it was God’s will. Ilia the Second declared that St. Nino miraculously converted Georgia to Christianity.
The Patriarch spoke about the weakness of humans. “I don’t think there is a youngster who will go to a remote country to preach Christianity. This means that mankind, human beings are weakened. Young people are interested in entertainment”, Ilia the Second said.
The Patriarch said that a human is helpless, but still remains the image of God. Ilia the Second declared that on Sunday, it is the day of Trinity and a table will be laid for the congregation in the yard of St. Trinity temple.
St. Nino’s vine cross laid at St. Trinity temple, that was given to St. Nino by the Virgin Mary to preach in Georgia. The Cross was taken to the Sioni Patriarchate temple after the service.