Participants of Campaign “This Concerns You” ask Hillary Clinton To Support Legislative Proposals
01 June, 2012

Participants of the campaign ”This concerns you” address U.S. secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ask her to support the legislative proposals prepared by them. The participants of the campaign held press conference at Tbilisi Marriot hotel and released the text of the address, according to which one of the main problems of the country remains access of a plural media environment to the public.
”To solve the problems, initiative about establishing - Must carry and Must offer in media activity regulation law is important in the legislative package offered to parliament”, the address reads.
The campaign participants say that the law will oblige the cable broadcasting- companies, to switch all the television in the network and the television to use the service of all cable companies.
Representatives of This Concerns You ask Hillary Clinton to support the legislative proposal.
”Mrs. Secretary of State, due to the importance of fair and competitive presidential and parliamentary elections in the country and necessity to develop a pluralist media environment, we’d be glad if you expressed the position of the U.S. department of state regarding the topic on the meeting with the government of Georgia within your official visit”, the address reads.