German government to allocate 57 million euros to Georgia - Nika Gilauri
31 May, 2012

"The German government will allocate 57 million euros to Georgia", Prime Minister Nika Gilauri said after a meeting with the German Economy Minister.
According to Gilauri, some of the money is a grant, while the rest is credit.
At the press conference held after the meeting the PM thanked the German Minister for the assistance rendered by Germany to Georgia for the last years. According to Gilauri, Germany has allocated 400 million euros to Georgia since 1993.
‘I can see much progress as you are a region oriented on reforms’, the German Minister said. According to him, he visited the EU Monitoring Mission in Shida Kartli region. He said 200 000 million euros were allocated for IDPs and it is important for these people to have normal conditions.
The German Minister will arrive in Batumi on Saturday. He will look into the ongoing projects.