60 employees of the National Center of Examinations quit
29 May, 2012

About 60 employees of the National Center of Examinations have quit. The above-mentioned decision was made after a meeting with Education Minister Dimitri Shashkin yesterday.
Prior to that, the employees sent a letter to the President. “We think that the way of solving any disagreement must be through negotiations, dispute and not through rigid decision. We consider that education quality must not be sacrificed to the inconsistency of personal position. Mr. President, we declare that the aforesaid decision of Mr. Shashkin threatens the conducting of united national examinations, certification exams of teachers and general-master’s exams. That’s why we ask you to make a decision that will remove the threat and protect us from distrust and nihilism of the society”, the address reads.
The Ministry of Education released a statement about dismissal of the head of the National Center of Examinations Maia Miminoshvili yesterday. As the web page of the Ministry of education informs, the decision was made by the Minister Dimitry Shashkin “due to the fundamental difference in the process of carrying out reforms”. Another version of her dismissal is that her son Lasha Kanchaveli participated in the protest event of “Georgian Dream” on 27 May.