NDI Survey: National Movement– 34%, Georgian Dream– 20%
16 July, 2012

According to a National Democratic Institute (NDI) survey, 34% of the respondents said that “National Movement” is the closest to their views. 20 % of the respondents said the same about “Georgian Dream”; 4% - “Christian-Democratic Movement”; 2% - other opposition forces; 15% - had no response; 16% - refused to respond to this question. The presentation of the results of NDI Survey is taking place in the hotel “Tbilisi Marriot”. NDI is making public the second part of the survey, which concerns the ratings of the political parties. The survey was conducted from 4 to 22 of June. During the survey 6,299 persons were questioned in a “one on one” interview. The survey’ margin of error is 2 %.