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26 January, 2012







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International Sports News Potpourri
* Looking for host of 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup
FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, announced the launch of the international tender process to identify the host nation for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, with an invitation to express an interest distributed to all National Federations. The FIBA Basketball World Cup is the flagship event of the basketball calendar, with a global TV audience of 800 million across 171 countries. The 2019 event marks a new era and will see its greatest field of 32 countries line up, increasing the pool of world famous stars and global appeal of the event. The 32 countries will meet for 16 days of competition, playing 92 games in total. National Federations have the opportunity to bid for both 2019 and 2023 editions of the FIBA Basketball World Cup if FIBA decides to award both events at the same time. The bidding process to host the 18th edition of the FIBA’s flagship event in five years’ time is open to all of its member national federations. Those that want to express an interest have until 9 June 2014 to make their submission.
2.57 million Tickets already allocated to fans
A total of 2,577,662 tickets for the 2014 FIFA World Cup have already been allocated through all sales phases and channels to date (including the hospitality program and other constituent groups). The second period of the 2nd First Come First Served phase closed today with a total of 301,929 tickets allocated for the circa 345,000 tickets originally available, which went primarily to residents of Brazil, USA, Colombia, Australia, Argentina and England (in this order).
Georgian-Russian couple at Figure Skating World Championship
A Figure Skating World Championship has started in Japan. The competition was opened by couples skating, with some of the strongest skaters replacing each other on the ice.

Why did the elected president resign from his post seven years ago?

Former captain of the Georgian National Football team, Giorgi Nemsadze, is a member of the City Council. Everybody remembers quite well how he was the elected president of the Football Federation when Saakashvili was in power and how he was replaced the same day. What happened then? The veteran halfback played 69 matches for the national team, including the one against the German national team – a current rival of the Georgian team in the qualifying cycle. We started the interview with this issue:

Georgian World Champion Kickboxing
Davit Kiria knocked out Andy Ristie in the fifth and final round of their Lightweight title fight at GLORY 14 on 8 March, which was aired via tape delay on Spike TV. The Georgian fighter was overwhelmed by emotion after his sensational comeback win, fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming champion, the Mmania website informs. 
The GLORY Lightweight title - the first in the promotion’s history - was up for grabs on Saturday afternoon at the Arena Zagreb between the GLORY 13 tournament winner Andy Ristie and the No.3-ranked Davit Kiria.
Kokoshov will coach Georgia’s National Basketball team for the next 2 years
Igor Kokoshov plans to extend his contract with Georgia’s National Basketball Federation. He will coach Georgian team for the next two years.
Elene Gedevanishvil joins Georgian team in Sochi
Georgian figure skater Elene Gedevanishvil joined the Georgian team at the Sochi Olympics.
Interview from Sochi with the editor of Lelo newspaper

The Sochi Olympics lost the status of just another sports event long ago. The photos reflecting unfinished infrastructure and hotels, wells with no sewer manholes, and “public lavatories” of the Olympic village and so on, have been shown by information agencies around the world. This is the twelfth time the Games have been covered by Tengiz Gachechiladze, Editor-in-Chief of the Lelo newspaper, and his expertise is virtually unrivaled.
 Gali described as Russian territory Sochi Olympics website
Gali is described as a Russian territory on the English-language website of the Sochi Olympics.
Abkhazian and so called South Ossetian football teams to play in World Football Cup
The “football teams” of Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia will take part in World Football Cup, hosted by Sweden, sportall.ambebi.ge informs.
Danger at Sochi 2014: all the shakedowns, setbacks – Vanity Fair
The Vanity fair published an article about upcoming Sochi Olympics
Russia will buy snow from Israel for Olympic Games
Russia will purchase snow from Israel for Sochi Olympic Games, internet television Piter.tv informs.
Georgian Judoists ousted from Japan
The Georgian team of Judoists was ousted from Japan. Georgian sportsmen were at a training and studying meeting and the cause of the ousting was ignorance of the local rules, violation of regulations of the University of Tsukuba.
Georgian Water Polo’s Big Success
The Georgian national water polo team is just one step from the European Championship, and waiting for results of a draw on November 30 when the last rival of the Georgian team will be identified. The winners of two matches in two countries will be able to participate in the Championship.
“We Begin from Zero”
Aleksandre Metreveli is a Georgian tennis player with the highest ever achievement in Georgian tennis: he lost the game to Jan Kodes in a Wimbledon final in 1973. Now he lives in Russia but maintains ties with Georgian tennis as his son Aleksandre Metreveli Jr is the president of Georgian Tennis Federation. At the same time, he is a founder of the Tennis Fund. We talked to him about the future of Georgian tennis during his visit in Tbilisi.
Cristiano Ronaldo to Attend Tbilisi “Dinamo” and Moscow “Dinamo” Friendly Match
Portuguese footballer who plays for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo will attend the friendly match between Tbilisi “Dinamo” and Moscow “Dinamo”
In Italian ‘rossoneri’ means ‘red and black’ and it’s Milan’s nickname. We mean the ‘Milan’, in which Kakha Kaladze spent his best years. It is the ‘Milan’ that supported the Georgian fullback during his familial tragedy and didn’t leave him till the end of his career.
Maldini, Shevchenko, Nesta to arrive in Tbilisi for Kaladze's farewell match
Footballers of Milan and Kaladze’s Georgian and foreign friends will compete against each other in a farewell match on May 31.
Baseball, Softball –  budding pastime in Georgia
With the first inning done, it all became clear from the score of five to nothing – the Georgian National Team leading the US Marine’s team ‘Warriors’. The friendly game ended with an unexpected result of 15 to 3 in favor the hosting team.
Neko-Ryu Karate - Art to Control Your Life

”When a warrior asks God to give him strength to succeed, he receives fatigue to learn to obey!
When he asks for the second time, he receives from God more difficulties to learn to overcome them!”
Neko-Ryu Karate treatise


‘Our team demonstrated high technical and theoretical knowledge…‘


Under the sponsorship of Japan International Karate-Do Association and Bulgarian Karate-Do Federation, on November 2-4, Sofia hosted the 9th  Karate-Do International Seminar and Tournament, with participation of  Sadashige Kato, the head instructor of the said organization and 10th Dan holder, as the head referee of the Tournament. This annual Tournament is held according to I.-J.K.A. rules.



The Olympic days in London kept all of us the members of the Georgian national team very, very busy. In addition to the Games to be attended, there were myriad other places which could not have been missed and plenty of important events to participate in. One of the most significant spots to be present at was the Guildhall Art Gallery of London where I went together with my team-mates Emzar Zenaishvili – the Olympic Games expert, Paata Natsvlishvili – author and publisher and Alexander Kotorashvili – photographer.

Gold Medal, etc...

Nobody had expected a boisterous rush of Olympic medals in Georgia but there still was a flickering hope and certain amplitude of trepidation for winning more than a couple.Did not happen! There came one piece of gold around right at the start of the Games, for which fact our heart-squeezing gratitude goes to God and to the Man himself of course. Yes, it came like the manna from the blessed Olympic sky, and then stopped to the worst of our frustration and unlived-up-to expectation.

Georgia in the Olympics

here was a bulky brochure, titled ‘From Georgia to London’ (Compiled and designed by Paata Natsvlishvili, Executive Producer Emzar Zenaishvili) out in Georgia right before the country’s Olympic team’s departure to London – a pictorial history of Georgia’s participation in the Olympic Games since 1952, although until re-obtaining national independence in early nineties of the last century, the Georgian athletes could participate in the Games only as the members of the USSR team, not in any other manner.

Nino Salukvadze – Georgia’s Olympic Flag Bearer

hooter Nino Salukvadze, the legend of the Georgian sports was a proud presence for the Georgian lookers-on at the Olympic march of the athletes at the London Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony on July 27, 2012. Nino has truly deserved the honor. She is the only athlete from Georgia who possesses the whole set of Olympic medals – gold, silver and bronze. Gold and silver medals in sport pistol and air pistol events she won in Seoul in 1988 as an USSR team member. At that time, she was only 19 years of age. 

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Mikheil Saakashvili’s Presidential Library has recently been declared open in Tbilisi. A lot of students and media representatives attended the opening ceremony.
A Georgian director Nikoloz Khomasuridze broke the world record by making a feature film named “The Forgotten King” in 105 minutes using continuous frame.
Beginning of the fourth season of a popular show “Dancing with the Stars” on the TV channel “Imedi” is scheduled for April 24, 10 p.m.
April 23 is World Book Day. Book shop network “Biblusi” congratulates everyone
Georgia’s ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili appeared in a video conference from the USA that marked the opening of a library built in Georgia by his initiative.
Elimination stage of Ukrainian “Voice” show is complete and contestants have taken their places on the ring. Ani Lorak, the trainer, pitched a Georgian singer Megi Gogitidze
This recording was made by a rear dash-cam in Tbilisi and was posted on a Facebook page “Meet the Terrible Drivers”.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been taught how to DJ, during the latest part of their royal tour of Australia.
How do passers-by in Tbilisi react to seeing a man in need of assistance?
“A Georgian woman has always been the cornerstone of her family and even in times of emancipation, she should be able to adhere to this role
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