Gifts from Georgian soldiers for Afghan villagers
11 March, 2014
Military servicemen of the 31st battalion conducted a clearing operation dubbed "Griffon III" in the village of North Muhamabad in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Wounded Georgian soldiers undergoing rehabilitation in USA
10 March, 2014
Georgia’s Defence Ministry continues to care for wounded military servicemen. With the support of the Georgian Government and the Prime Minister, the Defence Ministry sends military servicemen
One Hundred Georgian soldiers to Central Africa
06 March, 2014
One hundred Georgian soldiers will be sent to the Central African Republic to participate in the EU peacekeeping mission there. Georgian soldiers will leave in May 2014 for six months. “As head of the Georgian armed forces, I believe we should participate in the mission, I appeal to the Parliament to support this issue,” President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili stated during his first annual report to the Parliament on 21 February. Both the parliamentary majority and minority voted in favor of sending troops. However, certain members of the non-parliamentary opposition have criticized the parliament’s decision.
Wounded Georgian soldiers will participate in Paralympics World Championship
03 March, 2014
Wounded Georgian military servicemen traveled to the USA to participate in the Paralympics World Championship.
Testing before our eyes...
27 February, 2014
Georgian helmet and armoured vest of Georgian Army

On 10 February, Special Forces staged a successful fire testing of armoured helmets and vests on the Vashlijvari shooting ground (located in a Tbilisi suburb). The Georgian products passed the test in presence of the Special Forces. The helmets withstood bullets shot from TT and Glock pistols at a five-meter distance. Interestingly, armoured vests managed to hold off bullets shot from an AKM automated rifle and even armour-piercing sniper SVD. The Georgian armoured helmets and vests proved to be superior.
Georgia joining new mission?
20 February, 2014
The EU has asked Georgia to contribute to its military mission in the Central African Republic, Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania said. Georgia currently has 1,560 soldiers in Afghanistan, making the country the fifth largest contributor to the ISAF mission after the U.S., UK, Germany and Italy.On February 16 Agence France-Presse (AFP), also citing European diplomats, reported that Georgia could supply up to 100 troops.
17 military families receive new flats in Varketili
19 February, 2014
Georgia’s Defence Ministry continues to improve social conditions for military servicemen. Today 17 military families received new flats in the Varketili Military Town.
Wounded soldiers come back to Georgia with new prostheses
15 February, 2014
Wounded military servicemen returned to their homeland from the USA this morning.
Alasania attended training of Georgian soldiers in Germany
14 February, 2014
A delegation from Georgia’s Ministry of Defence led by Minister of Defence Irakli Alasania visited the U.S. military base “Hohefelse” in Germany.
Made in Georgia: Presentation of military product
11 February, 2014
The presentation of Georgian-made armor helmets and armor vests was held at the military base of Special Operations Forces. Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Alasania
Georgian soldiers attended performance at the theatre
06 February, 2014
50 military servicemen of the Engineering and Construction Battalion of the Engineering Brigade of GAF visited Mikheil Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre.
Didgori - for commanders
30 January, 2014
In tandem with TbilAviaMsheni, the military-scientific technical center Delta has just presented another modification of the Didgori armored vehicle created for the sole purpose of ensuring communication among military units. The shape of the new Didgori does not differ much from that of previous versions, but the sharp-eyed will remark the peculiar rear of the vehicle, and different radio antennas rather than weapons on the roof.
‘I hope that this product will be exported’ – Irakli Alasania
29 January, 2014
State Military Scientific-Technical Centre “DELTA” hosted guests for the presentation of new military equipment – Communication Vehicle.
Georgian soldiers celebrated Epiphany in Afghanistan
20 January, 2014
Georgian troops serving in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan celebrated the Orthodox Epiphany at the Leatherneck base
Irakli Alasania attended Green Berets military training in Vaziani
16 January, 2014
Defense Minister Irakli Alasania and Joint Staff Chief Maj. Gen. Vakhtang Kapanadze inspected a planned training event for Green Berets special forces at the Vaziani Military Polygon on Thursday.
Irakli Alasania celebrated the old calendar New Year with service members
14 January, 2014
Defense Minister Irakli Alasania celebrated the old calendar New Year on January 14 alongside service members of the 5th Infantry Brigade in Gori.
Georgian Chief of Joint Staff met his Afghan counterpart
10 January, 2014
Joint Staff Chief Maj. Gen. Vakhtang Kapanadze met his Afghan counterpart as part of his official visit to the republic.
Irakli Alasania visited renovated Senaki Base
09 January, 2014
Defense Minister Irakli Alasania visited renovated facilities at the Senaki Base housing the 2nd Infantry Brigade to inspect the quality of the renovation work.
How Georgian soldiers celebrate Christmas in Afghanistan
08 January, 2014
Joint Staff Chief Maj. Gen. Vakhtang Kapanadze joined the Orthodox Christmas celebration on January 7 with the Georgian service members of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.
Georgian soldiers celebrate New Year in Afghanistan
03 January, 2014
Georgian service members of the 31st and Batumi Battalions in the ISAF mission celebrated the New Year at the Leatherneck base in Afghanistan.
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