28 July, 2011


Georgian-American military trainings

From July 18 to August 1 on Vaziani training ground within the frame of Agile Spirit military training about one thousand Georgian and American militaries will master neutralization of simulated rebels and peaceful operations…On July 18 international military training s.v.

Agile Spirit has started on Vaziani training ground where the 4th infantry brigade of Georgian Armed Forces is deployed.


According to the official information the aim of the training is to extend coordination of the military units, assist them in sharing their own abilities and mutual strengthening during operations against rebels and in peaceful operations. It seems that the American marines are tasked to train the personnel of the 4th infantry brigade before sending them to Afghanistan.

In September of 2009 the American marines began training of the 3rd infantry brigade personnel at the Krtsanisi training center to participate in ISAF operations in Afghanistan. From April to November of 2010 31st battalion of 3rd infantry brigade trained by American marines was in Afghanistan. On rotation, it was substituted by 32nd battalion that in its turn was substituted by 33rd battalion in the spring of 2011.

Up-to-date the 33rd battalion is still in Helmand province of Afghanistan and in autumn it’s time for their substitution.

The 3rd infantry brigade has no more infantry battalions and for this reason it’s likely that the 4th infantry battalion will take the mission of the 3rd battalion upon themselves. By the way one parallel can be drawn here. By the end of July, 2008 multinational military training took place in which about one thousand Americans took part. The training ended at the beginning of August and in several days Russian-Georgian war ensued.

It’s hard to say in advance whether the American marines will teach the Georgian militaries on the Vaziani training ground how to use reconnaissance ‘crow’ in combat operations but it must be said that it wouldn’t be bad.

One month prior to coming to Georgia on June 22-26 the representatives of ‘Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ together with militaries of Bulgaria and Serbia held military training on one of the training grounds of Bulgaria.

The underway military training on Vaziani training ground headed by ‘Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ is of the broadest scale within one year and it doesn’t seem to be the last.

The USA Marine corps has planned to train its reservists together with militaries of south-eastern Europe, Caucasus and Black Sea region partner countries – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Monternegro and Croatia.

Today the aim of these trainings is to retrain the military contingent of those partner countries (as unified military training) that participate in the ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

But when the Afghan epopee ends (in 2014, as planned, or later), the Black Sea 11th Rotation Forces’ will presumable have seriously settled in the Black Sea region, concretely in Romania and its very likely that by that time the Americans will pick up additional places of dislocation in Bulgaria and even in Georgia and it obviously will be followed by sharp reaction on part of Russian authorities, another Black Sea country.


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Georgian armed forces are involved in a peacekeeping mission operated under the EU aegis. Soldiers of one of the infantry battalions of Georgia have already departed
It’s already five years since the Georgian militaries, included in the NATO structures, have been fighting for the Alliance.
One Hundred Georgian soldiers to Central  Africa
One hundred Georgian soldiers will be sent to the Central African Republic to participate in the EU peacekeeping mission there. Georgian soldiers will leave in May 2014 for six months. “As head of the Georgian armed forces, I believe we should participate in the mission, I appeal to the Parliament to support this issue,” President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili stated during his first annual report to the Parliament on 21 February. Both the parliamentary majority and minority voted in favor of sending troops. However, certain members of the non-parliamentary opposition have criticized the parliament’s decision.
Testing before  our eyes...
Georgian helmet and armoured vest of Georgian Army

On 10 February, Special Forces staged a successful fire testing of armoured helmets and vests on the Vashlijvari shooting ground (located in a Tbilisi suburb). The Georgian products passed the test in presence of the Special Forces. The helmets withstood bullets shot from TT and Glock pistols at a five-meter distance. Interestingly, armoured vests managed to hold off bullets shot from an AKM automated rifle and even armour-piercing sniper SVD. The Georgian armoured helmets and vests proved to be superior.
Georgia joining new mission?
The EU has asked Georgia to contribute to its military mission in the Central African Republic, Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania said. Georgia currently has 1,560 soldiers in Afghanistan, making the country the fifth largest contributor to the ISAF mission after the U.S., UK, Germany and Italy.On February 16 Agence France-Presse (AFP), also citing European diplomats, reported that Georgia could supply up to 100 troops.
Didgori - for commanders
In tandem with TbilAviaMsheni, the military-scientific technical center Delta has just presented another modification of the Didgori armored vehicle created for the sole purpose of ensuring communication among military units. The shape of the new Didgori does not differ much from that of previous versions, but the sharp-eyed will remark the peculiar rear of the vehicle, and different radio antennas rather than weapons on the roof.
Georgia not to leave Afghanistan
Two Georgian battalions (1600 soldiers) will remain in Afghanistan till the completion of the ISAF mission at the end of 2014. The decision was disclosed during an official meeting between high ranking officials from the Georgian Defense Ministry and their colleagues from the Pentagon, in the course of an official visit of the Georgian delegation to America. The news comes in contrast to earlier informal reports from the Defense Ministry that it was considering cancellation of the next rotation of one of the two battalions in the summer of 2014, in order to reduce the size of the Georgian contingent staying in Afghanistan till the end of the ISAF mission from 1600 to 900.
Priority: anti-tank and anti-aircraft defense
It is necessary to define all the key priorities to bolster Georgia’s defense power. No wonder, then, that the Defense leadership of the country gives the highest importance to strengthening anti-tank and missile systems. Following the bitter August 2008 war experience, the previous authorities tried to enhance the robustness of the Georgian army. But under Russia’s political pressure many countries who in past were always willing to supply the Georgian Army with any kind of armament (though often at inflated prices, and technically inferior) are declining to sell what is needed for defense against rockets and missiles.
New HQ Chief, late by one Year
The Georgian Army HQ will be headed by Vakhtang Kapanadze, whose military rank has been raised accordingly from Brigadier General to Major General. This move could have been made one whole year ago, but at the time the then president Mikheil Saakashvili categorically refused to appoint Brigadier General Kapanadze instead of indicted Brigadier General Gigi Kalandadze, Chief of United HQ.
American Armour Saved Georgian Military
The Ministry of Defence released official information about the latest military operation conducted by Georgian troops in Afghanistan.
Soldiers get food poisoning in Gori
Some tens of military servant got food poisoning in the Gori fifth infantry brigade, a reliable source informed InterPressNews.
Who is next HQ Chief?
In anticipation of first results from cohabitation failure

One more difference between the current and previous presidential elections is the fact that in the current one, commanders or officers did not force their soldiers or policemen to cast votes for the state candidate. This fact was not quite expected by the soldiers who in the past used to receive a month-long intensive instruction to put a circle on the names of Shevardnadze and Saakashvili candidacies.
“Afghans have their truth”
Georgian Soldier’s Story

Georgia has lost a total of 25 soldiers since its involvement in the Afghan Peace keeping Mission. The general public has virtually no specifics about lives of Georgian troops stationed in the Helmand Province. Therefore, we post here the story by a Georgian officer who served in Afghanistan from Autumn 2011 till Summer 2012.
“Hero” Who Bombed His Own Troops?
The torch of Sochi Olympic Games had to stay in the hands of Russian “hero” Ivan Nechayev only for five minutes or so but it was enough to provoke a large wave of protests among Georgians. No wonder, if we consider that the Russian pilot Nechayev was bombing the Georgian territory during the August war of 2008.
Why we are called in NATO response forces?
Irakli Alasania, Georgia’s Defence Minister, break almost sensational news when he states that units of Georgian army would be a part of the rapid response forces of NATO from 2015.
Helicopter for VIP persons
PM Bidzina Ivanishvili reprimanded President Saakashvili for purchasing two French-made Superpuma helicopters for 55 Euros. The President’s team in its part claims that the Government seeks to weaken Georgian aviation by selling these Superpumas.
Georgians as UN Peacekeepers
The delegation of Georgia’s Defense Ministry paying an official visit to the United States has been meeting and holding talks with American militaries and politicians. Then they held an official meeting in the UN Headquarters where the Deputy Chief of UN Peacekeeping Edmond Mulet and Georgia’s Defense Minister Irakli Alasania examined the possibility of involving Georgian soldiers in future peacekeeping operations run by the UN around the planet.
NATO, Russia and Georgia
Where is the point of convergence?

The Parliament overturned on July 12 presidential vetoes on two bills – one related to amendments to the law on broadcasting and the other envisaging cutting of President’s powers over the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission.
The North Atlantic Alliance handed over the control over the security throughout Afghanistan to the local army and police, the move broadly seen as a strong factor against further terror attacks on ISAF, including Georgian troops.
Taliban Attack Kills 7 Georgian Soldiers in Afghanistan – The New York Times
The New York Times published an article about Georgian soldiers’ death in Afghanistan.
‘A suicide bomber driving a truck packed with explosives attacked an isolated base manned by Georgian troops
Afghanistan suicide blast kills 7 Georgian troops
‘Seven Georgian troops were killed and nine were wounded in a suicide attack in Afghanistan when insurgents attacked their base, the pro-Western Caucasus country’s army chief said Thursday’ - informs.
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An elevator for the people with disabilities was installed at an underground walkway near Tbilisi Opera house, on Rustaveli Street.
President of Georgia met representative of various religions today. The meeting’s main topic was dedicated to cases of violence against women
Spanish police have apprehended a Georgian organized crime group. Information regarding this was published by a Spanish online newspaper El Iceberg.
The record for the largest all-female skydive formation has been broken by 117 women in California, BBC reports.
Tbilisi City Court has found Vano Merabishvili, Georgia’s former Minister of Internal Affairs, guilty in Sandro Girgvliani’s murder case.
Coastline of the Adjara region has recently weathered a 5-point storm. Powerful and prolonged rainfall resulted in rivers breaking banks and flooding nearby agricultural facilities.
A protest that was held in front of Irakli Gharibashvili’s home has devolved into a brawl. The confrontation was sparked due to a verbal altercation between protestors and passers-by.
A few weeks ago, Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili took part in the iTunes Festival, where besides holding a one-hour-long concert, she also performed together with Spanish tenor Placido Domingo.
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