21 June, 2012

Our newspaper wrote last week that Alexander Ronzhes, one of the American shareholders’ who owns 17% of ‘Global TV’ is worried about the problems, the Company is facing. As we already know Bidzina Ivanishvili’s brother is one of the founders of ‘Global TV’; actually, according to the court ruling, the Company must dismantle the antennae erected for the consumers on the basis of long-term agreement. We have information that Ronzhes was going to discuss the issue at the USA Department of State but due to last week’s developments, he (presumably the American Embassy and Georgian public too) almost forgot about it – the American shareholder of ‘Global TV’ was detained at Tbilisi International Airport. According to the spread information, 7 or 8 men approached him asking to follow them for interrogation.

The American citizen refused but he was forced to accompany them to the first floor of the Airport. Ronzhes assessed this as violence; in any case, he wrote and sent such text to his Georgian friend. The lawyers weren’t given a chance to timely discuss the matter with him and later the American guest declared that he was verbally offended (!).
Lili Gelashvili, Alexander Ronzhes’ lawyer: ‘Alexander Ronzhes was interrogated as a witness. As stipulated by the law, he had to get a notification that he was to be interrogated. Thereby, it was a forced interrogation of the witness. He had already gone through airport registration when he was taken to the ‘Staff’ for interrogation. As Mr. Ronzhes says, he was verbally offended and despite the fact that he doesn’t know Georgian, he understood the meaning. Later the lawyers were allowed to attend interrogation.
The interrogation was on when three representatives of the US Embassy arrived but they didn’t attend the process. Later they spoke to Ronzhes but the content isn’t known to me. We learnt from the Ministry of Finance website that on the basis of information of National Bank Financial Monitoring Service investigation had started on the fact of legalization of illegal income. On June 8, 2012 Ronzhes for GEL 1 million 100 thousand sold to ‘Leasing 21’the property that he bought in 2004. It was his property and we don’t understand what caused suspicion. As it turned out, the Financial Monitoring Service thought that Ronzhes withdrew the sum from the bank but it doesn’t correspond to reality. He wasn’t taking the money across the border and consequently, had no obligation to fill in the declaration.
It seems that the Service of Financial Monitoring made a lapse, considering that he had withdrawn the cash from the bank and was going to cross the border without filling in the declaration…’
‘Ronzhes answered all questions regarding purchasing and selling, consequently. nobody put forward any claims. The American citizen left Georgia without signing any receipt and giving any promises. He said he’d come back soon to help ‘Global TV’ solve the problems’, declared Zurab Bazlidze, ‘Global TV’ Development and Marketing Director.


Other Stories
Who needs TV ratings?
Audit Department of the Revenue Service continues its inventory check of TV MR GE, the licensed representative of Nielsen Television Audience Measurement
IAGJ deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine 
According to reports by local media organizations and IAGJ (independent Association of Georgian Journalists) partners in Ukraine, at least 26 journalists were injured during the clashes between police and protesters in Kiev on 19 and 21 January. Most of the reporters were wounded by stun grenades or rubber bullets used by the police while dispersing a rally in central Kiev.
Speculations about GPB
Georgian civil sector representatives are questioning governmental policies concerning the freedom and public orientation of Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB).The Coalition for Media Advocacy (CMA), which unites eleven civil society and media organizations, protested the current situation and appealed to parliament with a petition which over 550 individuals have already signed.
IFJ wary of State Involvement in Media Contracts
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has expressed its grave concern that broadcasting licenses and advertising contracts in Georgia are being unfairly awarded to organizations with close connections to government officials and members of political parties. According to IFJ’s Georgian affiliate, the Independent Association of Georgian Journalists (IAGJ), the Georgia’s state-run body, the National Communication Commission, which is responsible for awarding broadcasting licenses, earlier this year awarded the private broadcasting license for Tbilisi to an organization called Energy Group, which is partly owned by Georgian politician Kakha Baindurashvili. He is also president of the public body, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
“Investigation in Gori”
“Muted” 2008 War Movie of Dutch Military Journalist

A Dutch military journalist made a documentary about his cameraman who got killed in the explosion that rocked the Gori centre on 12 August 2008. The film “Investigation in Gori – Death of Stan Storimans” by Jeroen Akkermans does not stop by this tragic event and goes to review the war-torn Georgia and developments unfolding around it at that time. As for the media casualties, the August war claimed lives of another two media representatives: journalist Giga Chikhladze and photographer Aleksandre Klimchuk of TV Company Alania were killed in the outskirts of Tskhinvali.
Broadcaster?Political war on Public

The expression “He who rules Rome rules the world” is interpreted in Georgia as “He who rules ‘Public Broadcaster’ rules the public”. Elections are approaching and the political temperature goes higher. The hidden-up-till-now war to take hold of the Public channel has turned into a direct confrontation.
Famous Singer Versus Rating Journal
Popular female Georgian singer Sopo Nizharadze sues the “Rating”, weekly magazine affiliated to Media Palitra holding. At the recent press conference, the singer stated that the magazine published an article about her private life in which every single word was false.
World Press Reviews Fracas at National Library
International press has spread information about the melee that occurred in front of Tbilisi National Library on February 8. Linking the chain of political events together, leading international media outlets report the causes and effects of the violent fracas between pro-Saakashvili parliamentarians and former political prisoners.
Diplomat Of The Year - Polls Are Already On
Unprecedented annual project established by Georgian Journal is launched again! The Diplomat of the Year 2012 will be revealed by Georgian Journal in February. Polls have already started. Georgian Journal, along with the publishing house “Media Palitra” have established annual tradition of awarding ambassadors at a grand ceremony, dedicated specially to the event, where the winner is identified.
Reports say "Rustavi 2" TV correspondents went on strike
Reports say Rustavi 2 TV correspondents went on strike.
`Georgian Media Needs Help`
`We intend to meet Philip Dimitrov one of these days`

As media in general undergoes different kinds of pressure including inseparable political impact, Independent Association of Georgian Journalists jointly with International Federation of Journalists are going to elaborate recommendations together with different international and local media organizations to let media outlets be free from political interests. President of Independent Association of Georgian Journalists, Zviad Pochkhua speaks about the initiative and its significance.
Media Without Political Influence

IAGJ: “Media must be freed of political pressure”


One month after the Parliamentary elections, Georgian media space experiences momentous events. However, despite wide “media revolution”, a part of experts believe that contours of free and fair media space remain to be seen.


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its regional organisation, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), today called on the newly elected Georgian parliament to prioritise reform of the broadcast sector that has fallen into post election disarray.

Terminated TV Channels and New TV Companies

What future for Georgian media landscape?

No one knows about possible new incarnation of former so called pro-governmental TV companies Imedi TV, Rustavi 2, Real TV and PIK. Experts suppose that these companies would emerge as carriers of different interests for various political groups.

Independent Association of Georgian Journalists appeals to the new government to implement reforms in media ownership

With the handover of power, the media market in Georgia is being redistributed among political groups, a process associated with the violation of journalists’ rights, closing down of television programmes, unfair dismissal from service and non-payment of wages.

IFJ Calls for Guarantees on Press Freedom ahead of Elections in Georgia


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on the authorities in Georgia to guarantee independence of media ahead of the general elections due to take place on 1 October. "Past elections in Georgia have been marred by attempts to control media and obstruct independent reporting, "said IFJ President, Jim Boumelha.

election without media?

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has passed a decision introducing regulations for filming inside polling stations during the voting day imposing less restriction than initially proposed.The decision was passed by 13-member CEC shortly before the midnight on September 24 with 10 votes to two. CEC members from the Conservative Party and Industrialists, both within the Georgian Dream coalition, voted against, citing that there was no need to introduce any regulations for making video recordings and taking photos inside polling stations on the election day. CEC members from ruling party, UNM, as well as Christian-Democratic Movement were among those who voted in favor; Labor Party representative was absent.

Larry King invited on Georgian opposition TV channel

TV channel of Georgian tycoon and currently opposition-leader Bidzina Ivanishvili declared that before the very important elections they’ve invited former CNN anchorman  Larry King as an adviser. 

Neither Yes, Nor No

Issue of arrested satellite dishes still open

Coalition For Media Advocacy demands from the inter-agency commission to revoke the arrest of satellite dishes of TV Maestro Company and proposes to the Authorities and international organizations to conduct monitoring of dish installations. The coalition and inter-agency commission have just met on the matter.

Georgian Media Landscape and Developments

Annual Report by the Independent Association of Georgian Journalists (IAGJ)

Below is an abridged version of the report prepared by the Independent Association of Georgian Journalists. The report covers the period from January, 2011 to July, 2012. Facts highlighted in it are based on violations registered by the IAGJ, Public Defender and non-governmental organizations, as well as on journalistic material published in the Georgian press throughout the period under review.


Why GNS Studio journalists were beaten

According to Interior Ministry, on 22 August, at 21.30, notification was sent from regional hospital to Akhmeta regional police department about physical injury of Bachana Buliskiria and Vasil Dabrindashvili, GNS Studio journalists. The journalists were attacked by owners of wood processing shops Zaur Karmazanashvili and Osiko Chichiashvili together with hid son. The assaulters addressed the police with complaint blaming the journalists for unauthorized entry of their territory.

Radio Palitra Is Four Years Old

Slogan: ‘Truth Comes First’

our years ago, on 17 August 2008, an unprecedented fact in the history of mass media came into being. While everybody was still uncertain whether the war in Tskhinvali had been over, a new channel entered the radio broadcasting scene.



‘I’m sure the culprit is one person or one group’

Lately ’Elva Market’ stalls in Tbilisi where mainly newspapers, books as well as cigarettes, chewing gum and other trifles are sold, have been robbed one after the other.




Tbilisi court of appeal decreed that ‘Alia Holding’ must pay Gel 50.000 in favor of Otar Koberidze, a well-known Georgian actor.

Channel 9 Journalist  Alleges Blackmail Attempt


Channel 9, TV station owned by Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili’s wife, said on July 27 it would appeal to the chief prosecutor’s office to request an immediate investigation of an attempted blackmail against its journalist.

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A terrifying car crash was captured by a surveillance camera in Tbilisi, near the “Tegeta Motors” office. The driver of a car moving at a high speed failed to handle the wheel, lost control of the car
Welcome to the April 10 Weekly Summary with Mark Mullen. This week Mark discusses how the Prosecutor’s office published more material regarding Shalva Tatukhashvili’s death.
The viral ad that has made mothers everywhere cry and children everywhere remember they need to buy their mom a Mother’s Day card had an unlikely start.
Russian occupants have detained a crew Georgian journalists working for “TV 3” in the village of Adzvi – operator Vakho Lekiashvili, journalist Bela Sakaidze and Mikheil Mikhoev, the crew’s technician.
The house at Bethlehem Street is one of the few buildings in Tbilisi that has a stained-glass hallway.
On April 14, a popular musical show “X-Factor” went on the air on “Rustavi 2 TV”. The panel of judges was composed of Giorgi Gabunia, a TV presenter, as well as singers
Ukrainian banks suspended their services at branches across the city of Donetsk on Monday. According to the press office of the First Ukrainian International Bank, 50 banks have been affected.
A recording of a TV program aired in 1979 is going viral throughout the social networks. It depicts a 2 and a half year old child from Guria together with Anzor Erkomaishvili
“Plant a Tree Together” – this large-scale environmental project belongs to “Kviris Palitra”.
The US has accused Russia of orchestrating ongoing separatist violence in Ukraine, as Kiev said it was preparing a "full-scale" operation against pro-Russian forces
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