“What Happened in Kiev” – adventurous comedy about Georgian friends
16 May, 2013
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Cinema theatres of Georgia will premiere in May a new comedy “What Happened in Kiev” by young director Irakli Chkhikvadze. The film narrates about an adventure of four friends in the capital city of Ukraine after they unexpectedly wake up in the city. The cast features Merab Tchikashvili, Tornike Gogritchiani, Sandro Gabelaia, fashion designer Zaliko Berger and former soloist of the popular Ukrainian band Yulia Kavtaradze. The film also features goalkeeper of the Georgian National Football Team Giorgi Loria, who plays himself. Most of the shooting of the film was done in Ukraine.

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In March 2014, an able-bodied man’s subsistence wage comprised 155.4 lari.
Holy Friday is a holiday observed primarily by adherents to Christianity commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.
T & K Restaurant Franchise Group, owner of a worldwide known fast food franchise “McDonalds” in Georgia are planning to invest 6 million Euros into expanding the restaurant network.
A group of Georgian journalists, including Bella Zakaidze, cameraman Vakhtang Lekiashvili, and assistant Mikheil Mikhoev, were detained in the village of Adzvi by Russian militants who have been occupying Georgian territories since the war in 2008. As the chief producer of the broadcasting company TV3 Maia Chuchulashvili told InterPressNews, the camera crew was detained by Russian occupants when they were visiting the village to cover the incident of Russians relocating the border into the village of Adzvi. The journalist had to report live from the scene at 17:00, but they lost contact.
Do we remember the celebrated text of the Preamble to the United States Constitution? Isn’t it amazing that it so accurately fits into the best political beliefs of the Georgian people? Listen to this slightly altered version of the Preamble, tailored on Georgia: We the people of SAKARTVELO, in order to form a more perfect republic, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...
The US supports granting the Membership Action Plan (MAP) to Georgia at the NATO Summit in Wales in September. However, Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs stresses there is no consensus within the allies on the issue. “Georgians are well aware that there is no consensus in the Alliance and that they have work to do to convince, particularly some of our western European allies, of their worthiness for the MAP,” Nuland stated.
Interview with Grigol Vashadze, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Grigol Vashadze, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke with us about the foreign course of Georgia, and threats and challenges country faces. Q. – Mr. Vashadze, you were one of the organizers of the action – No to Collaborationism. Who is the addressee of this No?
CEU Alumni Get Together

On 10 April at 7 pm at the Hungarian Embassy, Ambassador Sandor Szabo hosted the graduates of the Central European University (CEU) from the past 20 years. The President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili was the most honorable guest, together with representatives of diplomatic corps, as well as the alumni themselves.
The Hungarian Ambassador to Georgia, Mr. Sandor Szabo, noted that currently 243 CEU alumni live in Georgia. ”It is in particular a great honor for me today to welcome His Excellency Mr. Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia, on these few hundred square meter of Hungarian territory, who himself graduated from the Central European University during the last academic year held in Prague in 1993-1994,” Noted the Hungarian diplomat.
Roman Fin’s address to the Georgian people

Georgia is facing a deadly threat. Georgian Dream, the coalition that came to power, did not manage to put an end to the Saakashvili’s regime and arrest the culprits (they were given freedom). In 2012, after losing the elections, with the help of American and European globalist forces they began preparing for revenge and again usurping the power. They have no chance to achieve it through democratic elections because their real rating is no more than 7-9%. The people even wanted early elections in order to get rid of the disproportionately inflated 45% representation that doesn’t correspond to their real, deteriorating popularity, considering the people’s hatred towards them. Accordingly, the only way for the Nationals to come back is to usurp the power. The West undoubtedly supports Saakashvili – they intend to restore his rule. If we consider the historical experience of staging colored revolutions, it won’t be difficult at all. The Nationals are openly speaking about the future Maidan.
A special group will work on the issue of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB). The group will try to solve the deadlock created around the GPB board after the verdict of the Constitutional Court. Majority member Eliso Chapidze claims that the court made a decision that would disturb the reform of the Public Broadcaster. Last year the Parliament amended the Law on Broadcasting, introducing a new rule for the formation of the Board of Trustees of GPB. The new rule envisaged pre-term termination of the authority of seven current members of the Board from January 2014. In December 2013 however, six members of the board filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court arguing that the termination of their authority was illegal and unconstitutional.
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