Salome Katamadze's performance impressed judges of Jurmala contest
09 April, 2013
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Despite the fact that Georgia had been left out of the annual Jurmala music contest during the recent years, the number of the performers wishing to participate in this year's contest was high enough to make the judges - who traveled to Georgia on April 2 to choose from thirty best artists - spend more than an hour discussing their impressions.
The judges ultimately selected the winner of the "New Voice" competition Salome Katamadze and finalist of the contest Nini Tsnobiladze for promotion. The two were invited for the final stages in Kiev on April 5 and the final selection of the panel fell on Katamadze, who performed the famous "We Are the World" as well as a Georgian song titled "Where Are You Heading".

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Nutsa Buzaladze received 10-carat gold bracelet with black diamonds
Upon winning “New Wave 2014” in Jurmala, Nutsa Buzaladze didn’t just become possessor of the winning title and 50,000 Euros, but also received an additional gift.
Grigory Leps and Keta Topuria perform Soso Pavliashvili's song
Grigory Leps, a Russian singer of Georgian origin, did not appear on the stage during the “New Wave” contest, but he came to Jurmala on the first day of the contest
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Rapper Bera Ivanishvili teaches his god-son, also named Bera, to play drums. The video was uploaded to the singer’s Facebook page.
Nutsa Buzaladze wins “New Wave 2014”
According to the third day’s results as well as the overall results, Nutsa Buzaladze was declared winner of “New Wave 2014”, the 13th annual international musical contest
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Nutsa Buzaladze and Sopo Khalvashi's Georgian duet - The leader of “New Wave”
Second day of the thirteenth annual international musical contest “New Wave” was dedicated to duets. Contestants performed their countries’ hits with their partners.
Nodar Revia’s unusual performance of “Summertime” on New Wave 2014
On the 23rd of July, the first day of an international musical contest “New Wave 2014” was held in Jurmala, Latvia.
Keta Topuria with Jackson’s hit in Jurmala
The thirteenth go-round of the international musical contest “New Wave” is currently in progress in Jurmala.
Georgian sensation in Jurmala - Nutsa Buzaladze takes first place
The thirteenth go-round of the international musical contest “New Wave” has started in Jurmala, Latvia. This year, 16 contenders from 13 countries will participate.
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Georgian Nodar Revia represents Russia in Jurmala contest
On the 22nd of July, the opening ceremony of “New Wave 2014” will be held in Jurmala. Contestants will make an appearance before the audience on the next day.
Nutsa Buzaladze and Sopo Khalvashi rehearse for “New Wave 2014”
On the 22th of July, “New Wave 2014” will be officially open. This year Georgia will be represented by Nutsa Buzaladze, who will perform 3 songs.
Sopo Shevardnadze’s best off-screen moments
Sopo Shevardnadze is a well-known figure in Russian media space. The Granddaughter of Georgia’s ex-President Eduards Shevardnadze works as the presenter of her own program titled “SophieCo”
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Russia is suspending free trade agreement with Georgia.
On the 5th of July, Georgian Sommelier Association became a member of the Worldwide Sommelier Association.
The Wall Street Journal published an article about criminal investigation launched against the former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.
The United States is concerned by the filing of criminal charges against former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, the statement released by the US State Department reads.
Former First Lady of Georgia Sandra Roelofs exclusively commented on the Boeing MH17 Flight, which was blown out of the sky on July 17 by Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists.
Official website of the US Senate informs that the U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Jim Risch (R-ID) today released the following statement expressing disappointment
Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili has been charged by the prosecutor's office as an offender. This was declared several minutes ago by Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office.
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