‘Monsters University’ – new 3D animation’s premiere is scheduled
16 February, 2013
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Monsters University is a new 3D animation by Pixar studio, featuring a story set prior to the well-known Monsters Inc. According to the plot, monsters Sally and Mike get to know each other at the University of Fear, where they were taught how to become monsters. They end up friends on their graduation, even though it was preceded by hostility and competition.
Monsters University is scheduled to premiere on June 20, 2013.
Other Stories
"Chemo Tsitsinatela" by Teona Kontidze and Nikoloz Tsiskaridze on Russian TV
Teona Kontridze is a presenter of a musical-culinary program on a Russian TV channel “Dojd”, by the name of “A right to eat and sing”.
Leeny Ivanishvili - Popular photo model with Georgian surname
Leeny Ivanishvili is a professional photo model, whose face has graced the pages of some of the world’s most popular glossy magazines.
Video of Energetic 6-year-old dancing Georgian goes viral
A video featuring a 6-year-old Davit Bukia has recently become quite popular on Youtube. The boy performs a very energetic dance, which has quickly won the hearts of many social network users.
Gela Guralia's "Autumn Leaves" and his concert tour in Russia
After participating in Russian version of “Voice”, Georgian singer Gela Guralia became quite popular, winning the hearts of thousands in Russia.
Nutsa Buzaladze and Sopo Khalvashi's tears of joy after victory in Jurmala - Unseen footage
Musical festival“New Wave 2014”, which was held in Jurmala, ended with Georgian singer Nutsa Buzaladze being declared the winner.
“I didn’t like nudity too much before” – Keta Topuria
Leather tops with plummeting necklines, glittering dresses, skirts with tops– Keta Topuria, lead singer of “A’Studio”
Nini Badurashvili dances the “Macarena” in Bakuriani
Georgian singer Nini Badurashvili has published a video on her Facebook page that depicts her dancing to “Macarena” together with her friends.
Keta Topuria's table dance cut short by club security
On the 26th of July, Dima Bilan and Gosh Kutsenko threw a party in Jurmala, to which Philipp Kirkorov, Igor Krutoi, Keta Topuria, Yana Rudkovskaya and a Russian oligarch
“Mgzavrebi” to hold a concert in Moscow
Popular Georgian band “Mgzavrebi” will hold a concert in Moscow on the 3rd of August. According to the concert’s organizers, story of “Mgzavrebi” in Russia began about a year ago.
The gift, that Nutsa Buzaladze left for her photographer friend in Jurmala
Nutsa Buzaladze, winner of “New Wave 2014”, made friends with a lot of people during her stay in Jurmala. Among them was a Latvian photographer
Nino Katamadze - New judge at Ukrainian “X-Factor”
Fifth season of Ukrainian show “X-Factor” begins with the presentation of new judges. This time, they include Nino Katamadze, a well-known Georgian singer.
Georgian actress Elena Satine appears in new American TV series
On the 15th of July, a new American TV series, named “Matador” was launched, starring Gabriel Luna, Neil Hopkins, Yvette Monreal, Jonny Cruz and others.
Beer, live music and fun - Beer Festival in Telavi
From the 26th to 27th of July, the city of Telavi once again became the host to “Telavi Beer Festival”. The festival, not dissimilar to the ones held in Europe
Nutsa Buzaladze received 10-carat gold bracelet with black diamonds
Upon winning “New Wave 2014” in Jurmala, Nutsa Buzaladze didn’t just become possessor of the winning title and 50,000 Euros, but also received an additional gift.
Grigory Leps and Keta Topuria perform Soso Pavliashvili's song
Grigory Leps, a Russian singer of Georgian origin, did not appear on the stage during the “New Wave” contest, but he came to Jurmala on the first day of the contest
Bera Ivanishvili teaches his god-son to play drums
Rapper Bera Ivanishvili teaches his god-son, also named Bera, to play drums. The video was uploaded to the singer’s Facebook page.
Nutsa Buzaladze wins “New Wave 2014”
According to the third day’s results as well as the overall results, Nutsa Buzaladze was declared winner of “New Wave 2014”, the 13th annual international musical contest
”I am not against naked women” - Citizen of Anaklia about “Kazantip”
“I am not against naked women, personally. I want the event to be held without drugs and in normal conditions. I’m not against it as a whole, but my family
Keta Topuria - Singer with the most extravagant image in Jurmala
Keta Topuria, is the Georgian lead singer of “A-Studio” and is considered to be one of the most fashionable people in Russian show business.
 Most passionate couple in Jurmala - Nodar Revia and Polina Gagarina's duet
On the second day of international musical contest “New Wave” Nodar Revia, who represents Russia, performed in a duo with Polina Gagarina. Revia’s energetic performance
Oto Nemsadze gets married
Oto Nemsadze, winner of the “Geostar” contest and finalist in Ukrainian “New Voice”, got married. His beloved bride is known as Tata and she is a graduate of an American university.
“From One Sea to Another” - Flashmob at a coastal park in Batumi
A flashmob was organized at a coastal park in Batumi. It was a part of a project called “From One Sea to Another”, which was organized by the American embassy and aimed
Batumi Jazz evenings - “Kool & The Gang” opens the festival
The eighth annual Batumi Jazz Festival has recently begun. First day of the festival started with a performance by a legendary band “Kool & The Gang”.
Nutsa Buzaladze and Sopo Khalvashi's Georgian duet - The leader of “New Wave”
Second day of the thirteenth annual international musical contest “New Wave” was dedicated to duets. Contestants performed their countries’ hits with their partners.
Nodar Revia’s unusual performance of “Summertime” on New Wave 2014
On the 23rd of July, the first day of an international musical contest “New Wave 2014” was held in Jurmala, Latvia.
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According to newspaper “Resonance”, even by the end of summer, price of agricultural products is noticeably high. Consumers are already nervous, that, from the viewpoint
Forecasts call for brief showers in some regions of Georgia. As long-term forecast bureau head, Nino Tsveradze, informed InterPressnews, tomorrow in some regions of east
There exist people who do not really fancy having a vacation at a noisy resort and instead prefer to go somewhere quiet and solitary.
Georgia needs to learn to regulate. It is one of the toughest jobs a government has. And rarely has it been done well. In the Soviet period there was some effective regulation but not much.
According to the press-speaker of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council Andrei Lysenko, many people died as a result of the attack on the refugee convoy in the village of Khiashevatoe, Luhansk.
Tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the summer in Georgia. As per deputy head of the long-term forecasts bureau, Nino Tsverava told InterpressNews it is going
Radio Palitra (FM 103.9) is celebrating its sixth anniversary. The radio started broadcasting on 17 August 2008, which was related to the August war. The radio had been offering news about the war non-stop.
President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili commented on the PM’s statement that he could not understand why it took one month for the President
Turkish actor Murat Yildirim, widely known as Savash Baldar from the “Love and Punishment” TV series, visited Georgia for the second time.
Former US Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker has said the prosecution of former officials is a step backward for Georgia, which is isolating the country and will be exploited by Russia.
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