Ishkhani Process in Progress
25 April, 2013
Georgian Journal contacted Irine Giviashvili, art historian, a research fellow of Giorgi Chubinashvili National Center of Georgian Art History and Monument Protection, who resides in Ireland and asked her to talk about the negotiations between Georgian and Turkish sides about the faults of restoration process and future development.
“I was among the Georgian team who visited Ishkani on April 17. The current background of the process is that the restoration of the 11th c. Cathedral has started with many defects. Deputy Minister of Culture Ms. Marine Mizandari met with her Turkish colleague Mr. Ozgur Ozalen in Ankara and they agreed that the Georgian team will arrive to meet with Turkish colleagues to examine and discuss the problems of restoration. Georgian team was led by architectural restorer Merab Bochoidze, general director of the National Agency for Protection of Monuments, and other professionals from the same office; Prof. J.Gagoshidze, P.Gaprindashvili, G.Gagoshidze and B. Matsaberidze represented Ministry of Culture and M. Buchukuri - the patriarchate of Georgia. Turkish side was represented by the director of Culture and Turism of Artvin province H.Atesand, head of the Erzerum office of Monuments protection Mr. S.Bakir and by the representatives of the firm ‘Anfora Mimarlik Restorasyon’, who prepared the project of Ishkhani restoration and arrived in Ishkhanfrom Istanbul.”
Q. What can you say about the final stage of the agreement and how both sides see the development of events?
A. Turkish side declared that the 400 day is not a deadline for the whole restoration of the building; it is only the first stage of the project. Meanwhile; the engineering project is on its way of completion. Only after the stability of the walls and the basement is checked, it will be clear what the chances of restoring the damaged arches, vaults and the conch of the building. The newly discovered 11th century flooring was a surprise for both, Georgian and Turkish scholars, as far as it was buried under the earth for about two hundred years and its archeological survey has never been done. These new circumstances must be taken into an account.”
Q. There were more discoveries in Ishkhani and Oski churches. What kind of findings are they?
A. There are more new discoveries; it is extremely interesting and valuable to identify the previous layers of the church. From the book by Giorgi Merchule about the Life of Holy Father Grigol Khandzteli, we know that the Church in Ishkhani went through several reconstructions. The first one was in the 7th c, second - in 9th c. What we see here is mostly the 10th - 11th cc., as the inscriptions indicate.
Tranches dug during recent weeks, show new valuable information. It needs a precise documentation and conservation along with its further archeological survey. These details, mostly visible on the western facade, as well as in many different places of the building, have to be preserved, retaining their authentic face. It has to be excavated under the supervision of the expert of this particular subject. Turkish Art Historian, Dr. Mine Kadiroglu has written a monograph on Ishkani. I think that the Turkish firm has to use that unique chance and invite Dr. Mine Kadiroglu to expertize the building, its archeological and architectural layers. Until our visit in Ishkani, there was no systematic recording of findings. We hope that the Turkish team will take into account the complexity of the monument; and our recommendations will also be helpful.”
Other Stories
Next celebrity star SIGN at Tbilisi Concert Hall
On 24 April, another star will be grandiosely presented in front of the Tbilisi Concert Hall. This person has been a star since she was four years old, too small to reach microphone and had to stand on a chair to perform her songs. Her song captivated the entire Soviet Union and abroad. Her name is Irma Sokhadze. Popular singer and author of many interesting TV program and projects. In the 90s, a mostly dark period for Georgia, Mrs. Irma and her friends held seven TV marathons, which helped many disadvantaged children and poor families.
Pirosmani Grave Still Not Found
The Society for Pirosmani Heritage Protection has been carrying out the project “Quest for Pirosmani Grave and its Expertise” for one year already. The project aims to find the lost grave of the great Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani and faces a predicament in obtaining permission for the excavations works. The project is based on the possibility that Niko Pirosmani is buried in the Tbilisi Petre-Pavle cemetery. Another possibility was researched by Georgian public figure and poet Irakli Abashidze.
Tbilisi Meters Award Ceremony
On 17 March 2014, at the exhibition hall of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, the 7th personal exhibition of artist Kate Mkheidze took place. Along with the exhibition, in the same hall, a more important event - the award ceremony of Tbilisi Meters – was held on 19 March. Kate Mkheidze is an artist, who graduated from the Academy of Arts. She is the author of numerous solo exhibitions. She has a different style; all of her exhibitions are different from the others. The 17 March exhibition displayed her work from the last five years.
Nino Ananiashvili -  40 year on the stage
Nina Ananiashvili did not break her tradition and on her birthday - 19 March - and the 51 year-old prima-ballerina once again pleased her faithful spectators from the stage. She always celebrates this date with a wide audience. This time she performed a three-act performance “Marguerite and Armand” and “Shopeniana” in Tbilisi’s Rustaveli Theater.
Several days ago Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize winner and leading writer of Turkish literature, visited Georgia. During his visit to Georgia the writer met with students and readers. There were no vacant seats in the Rustaveli theatre. It’s been a long time since a writer of this magnitude visited Tbilisi. The audience had a chance to learn about the yet unknown details of the writer’s life. In a nutshell, it was a nice and memorable evening for the prose fans.
Panamanian Musician who “Speaks many Languages”
On 13 March, Tbilisi audience enjoyed a really special evening. Not for dancers, not for music fans, but for real listeners who can forget about everything and just listen and penetrate into this magnetic world of music that in this case, forty-eight-year-old Danilo Perez, one of the finest pianists and composers of our era, offered at the Tbilisi Event Hall together with Adam Cruz on the drums, Doctor Ben Street on the bass and Rony Eytan from Barkley College on the harmonica. It was a very diverse audience, both in age as nationality.
'I love Georgia' - Bezrukov’s first comment on cancelled tour in Tbilisi
The Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov hopes the performance planned for May will be held in Tbilisi.
Orhan Pamuk in Tbilisi: “I am very happy that my books are popular here”
Orhan Pamuk, famous Turkish writer, Nobel Prize winner held a press conference at the Free University in Georgia.
Real Sushi Flavors from Japanese Embassy
Sushi Lessons at Culinary Academy

On 5-6 March, at the Culinary Academy under the aegis of the Agricultural University, the Japanese Embassy organized sushi lessons for academy students and university students, chefs of Japanese restaurants in Tbilisi, media representatives and sushi lovers. Washoku – part of the Japanese cuisine is becoming more and more popular in the world. We like to tell or remind our reader that last December, together with the ancient traditional method of Georgian wine-making, Washoku was conferred the status of a monument of cultural heritage.
Another amazing performance of Irma Gigani
On 7 March 2014, Georgian pianist Irma Gigani held a concert at the “Jansug Kakhidze Tbilisi center for Music and Culture”. She performed Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, with Symphony Orchestra and conductor Vakhtang Kakhidze. It was a very emotional concert and the audience could not hide their positive impressions. Jansug Kakhidze was full of unique talent and the event was dedicated to his memory. He is remembered as a conductor, a composer and for his unique voice.
Bezrukov’s tour cancelled in Tbilisi for supporting Russia in Crimea
For supporting Russian activities in Crimea, Sergey Bezrukov’s performance in Tbilisi has been cancelled, Georgia’s Chamber of Culture informs.
Ariel Sharon’s connection to Georgia
An event dedicated to Ariel Sharon, the General and 11th Prime Minister of Israel, was held at the Exhibition Hall of the National Parliament Library of Georgia. Press pictures, which were saved in the national library’s fund, showed the Sharon’s visit to Georgia in 1999. A Georgian film-maker, Merab Kokochashvili, made a documentary film “Belated Kadishi” which follows the Ariel Sharon’s visit to Georgia and the Georgians’ visit to Israel.
Danilo Perez’s Musical Tribute to his Native Panama
Eastern Promotion is continuing its annual jazz series that are closing the gap between the two great jazz festivals of the country - the most central musical events for the years .Great guys! They are indulging us with the pearls of the jazz league. The company tries to offer Georgians music of the highest quality but also to show them how to listen and behave. There has not been a single person in the jazz festivals’ history who has regretted paying for the ticket. The moderate price is nothing compared to the heavenly pleasure they will find together with peace and harmony that music gives us and fills our souls with.
Givi Margvelashvili: Georgian-German writer
On 13 February, Writers House of Georgia held an event from the series “Writers in the Writers House” dedicated to writer and philosopher Givi Margvelashvili.
Margvelashvili was born in Berlin in 1927. He did not come to his Georgian homeland until after he was released from prison, where he spent a year and a half. “There are internal and external emigrations,” he said at the meeting. “I realized that the synthesis of these two different emigrations is my work.”
Response to Falsehoods
Vazha Kiknadze, Director of the Institute of History and Ethnology, talked to Georgian Journal about the aggressive political and informational war of Russia against Georgia and the occupied territories. Several Russian experts have said that it is “abusive” and very aggressive, and aims to cripple the Georgian state and its identity. The Institute of History and Ethnology follows these developments, and urges government and society to quickly respond.
Burchuladze’s fund “Iavnana”
Any country would be proud of a man like Paata Burchuladze, with his personality, talent and his philanthropic activities. Ten years have passed since the fund “Iavnana” was founded with the slogan, “Save the Future Generation.” Since its first day “Iavnana” has provided reliable shelter for orphans and homeless children. The fund organizes numerous high class charity events and gala concerts both in Georgia and abroad.
“Don’t let anybody deceive you!”
A generation was keen on the works of Irakli Charkviani, a man who called himself The King to provoke the public. After his death, I decided to visit the family from which someone so free, gifted and different came. I have often watched his father Gela on television. His talent, beautiful voice and charm are admirable, and impress Georgians of all generations. In a presentation of his opera Nargiza, he performed all his works while accompanying himself on the piano. Afterwards he agreed to an interview.
Fated Shavgulidze Family
On 20 January, forty days will have passed since the death of sculptor Nukri Shavgulidze. To commemorate it, friends and family members have arranged a solo exhibition of his work now at the Academy of Art of Tbilisi.
Restoration of “Hunting in India”
The Pirosmani’s “Hunting in India” is one of his largest and most extraordinary paintings. It depicts two tigers, a bear and a wild boar in a tropical wood. It has not been restored since the 1930s, when it was damaged and in poor condition. Because of its size, restoration is tough. However, now Nana Managadze and Evelina Karseli are restoring the painting. Georgian Journal talked with Managadze, who believes there are other Pirosmani paintings that need restoration.
Destruction of Institute of History and Ethnology
The strategically important Institute of History and Ethnology is endangered. Ministry of Education has announced that it will be removed from the list of organizations financed by the state and will not have a permanent budget. The Institute is supposed to work on the grant system, but that will cause many problems – and the institute is even losing its building. Georgian Journal talked to the director of Institute of History and Ethnology, Vazha Kiknadze, about the problems.
Rocking the “cradle of wine”
By hook or crook, by science and archaeology, Georgian government intends to dig up or nail down the “cradle of wine,” and prove it is not in a neighboring country. Still, in the wide world of wine there must be room enough forthe Georgian and Armenian wine cultures. Already from the north Georgia is encroached upon along its “creeping” border with Russia; surely to the south it is not too late for peace in our time.
Talking art with Ilya Chitadze
Though the center of the art world, New York can be sometimes seem a wasteland of artistic development, causing many artists to look for a market in other American cities.
Japanese Anime Festival in Georgia
The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with Japan Foundation, hosted Japanese Anime Festival on 13-15 December in Tbilisi, at the Amirani Cinema, and on 21 December in Gori.
The festival opened on 13 December with a showing of “The Girl who leapt through time.”  “Animes were presented in Georgia earlier, about a year ago,” Norihiko Nakajima, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Japan, told Georgian Journal. “But the Anime festival is being held for the first time. After I arrived in Georgia, I realized that Anime is very popular among Georgian youngsters, and it is a way for Georgians to get acquainted with Japanese culture.”
EU releases 3-Minute Film Festival 2013 Winners
In the Contest “Reporter for One Day,” 17 Videos were Received

On 12 December, the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia announced three winners of the EU 3-minute Film Festival 2013. The awards ceremony took place at the Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art. The prizes were handed out by a special member of the jury, the Georgian writer Dato Turashvili. First prize went to Marita Tevzadze, for “With Hands,” shot with an Apple iPhone 5; second prize was won by Giorgi Geldiashvili, whose “weapon” was the Mini iPad, with which he shot, “The coloring books.” Tamar Khetaguri was awarded 3rd prize for ‘In one Space.”
Qvevri Winemaking on UNESCO Cultural Heritage List
The ancient tradition of Qvevri winemaking in Georgia is now recognized by UNESCO as a significant intangible cultural heritage. The decision was made in Baku at the 8th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage that took place from 2nd to 7th of December. The session was chaired by Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Abulfas Garayev.
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Ukrainian banks suspended their services at branches across the city of Donetsk on Monday. According to the press office of the First Ukrainian International Bank, 50 banks have been affected.
A recording of a TV program aired in 1979 is going viral throughout the social networks. It depicts a 2 and a half year old child from Guria together with Anzor Erkomaishvili
“Plant a Tree Together” – this large-scale environmental project belongs to “Kviris Palitra”.
The US has accused Russia of orchestrating ongoing separatist violence in Ukraine, as Kiev said it was preparing a "full-scale" operation against pro-Russian forces
Near Mtskheta, the road between Tsimamuri and Jvari Monastery, the segment leading right up to the ancient church, is littered with plastic bags
“We often hear that rights of the minorities should be protected, but let us think for a moment: who will protect the majority?”
On April 13, in yet another episode of the Russian version of an entertainment show “Exact match” Georgian singer Irakli Pirtskhalava had to impersonate famous Russian singer Leonid Agutin.
On April 12, the first episode of the eighth season of “Britain’s Got Talent” was aired. The judges were Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell.
“We are here not just because of our choices, but also due to choices made by our ancestors,” – said Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili during his appearance at the Rike gathering
Beyoncé surprised fans when she hopped on stage with sister Solange at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California, Saturday
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