“Deep Purple” in Tbilisi – biggest festival to be held in South Caucasus
15 March, 2013
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Organizers of the planned June 5 Tbilisi Open Air music festival – South Caucasus’ biggest event of this type – spoke to the media at a press conference.
“Deep Purple”, “The Subways”, “Kid Jesus” - the 2013 event – under the motto of “Music Breaks Free” - will feature internationally famous artists, as well as the winning band of 2013 Tbilisi Newcomers contest.
Music lovers met the announcement with applause.
Tickets for the festival are scheduled to be on sale from March 19 in the price range of 40 to 200 Lari.

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KID Jesus - the winner of the Tbilisi Newcomers 2012 contest
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Glass that Sarajishvili used to drink from
A presentation of David Sarajishvili’s personal crystal drinking glass was held at a Georgian State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography.
Art on Ice - Khatia Buniatishvili’s marvelous minuet with figure skaters
A popular show Art on Ice, which took place in Zurich, Lausanne, Davos, Helsinki and Stockholm, came to an end on March 13.
“Legendary Jazz Diva in Moscow” – Nino Katamadze’s concert in Russia
“Legendary Jazz Diva in Moscow” – so has the media of Russia’s capital met Georgian singer Nino Katamadze, the group “Insight” and the band “Georgian Brass”, led by Nikoloz Rachveli.
Khatia Buniatishvili’s Tragic Love Story in a Short Film
Love, separation, yearning and Chopin – “Warsaw-Paris”, a black and white short film made for the album of a well-known Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili.
Georgian singers support Ukraine with ‘Oкеан Eльзi’ hit
Georgian singers expressed solidarity to Ukraine on the Imedi TV musical show “Two Stars”.
Georgian stars shot a musical video in support of Ukraine
Georgian singers Nini Badurashvili, Nodiko Tatishvili, Niko Beridze, Quchis Bichebi, Sophie Gelovani, Ivanna Melay, Kristine Imedadze, Giorgi Chiqovani, Giorgi Sukhitashvili,
Sukhishvilis dance Khorumi with Ukrainian flag in Kiev
Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilis visited Ukraine for a concert tour.
Khatia Buniatishvili and Swiss figure skater’s duet – Art on Ice
Art on Ice is the unique, colorful interplay between Olympic and world champions on the ice along with international music stars performing live on stage.
Sukhishvilis’ Ukrainian dance impressed the audience
Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilis visited several cities of Ukraine during their tour. Despite the tense political situation in the country, cocnerts of "flying Georgians" did not lack viewers.
Nailympics: The world's largest manicure contest in Rome
The world's most skilled nail artists competed for the most spectacular nail designs during a fantasy art Nailympics Competition in Rome.
Sopo Nizharadze's new photo session in café
Singer Sopo Nizharadze posted several photos from her new photo session on her Facebook page.
‘The Other Kancheli’ jazz concert and 4 famous musical notes from the composer
Tbilisi Concert Hall hosted a jazz concert titled “The Other Kancheli”, organized by Autograph, the fund for supporting art.
New York Times publishes a review of ‘In Bloom’
The New York Times published a review of Georgian movie ‘In Bloom’, directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross.
Georgian founders of Washington’s Synetic theatre named ‘Washingtonians of the Year’
Founders of Synetic Theater of Washington DC, Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili, were named Washingtonians of the Year by the local newspaper Broadway World.
Nani Bregvadze with daughter and grand daughter sing Georgian song in Russia on New Year
The Russian TV channel Kultura aired a New Year’s Eve concert where Georgian singers Nani Bregvadze, Eka Mamaladze and Natalia Kutateladze took to the stage
Paata Burchuladze sang Georgian song in Strasbourg for New Year
An amateur video of opera singer Paata Burtchuladze performing a Georgian aria in a Strasbourg concert hall for New Year’s Eve
Temur Kvitelashvili presented new album and music video
The Ambassadori Hotel hosted the presentation of a new album and video by popular Georgian artist Temur Kvitelashvili.
Bravo Records releases 15-th anniversary album of ‘Kartuli Khmebi’
Bravo Records has released an album to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the ensemble The Georgian Voices (‘Kartuli Khmebi’).
Robert Sturua, Gia Kancheli, Lekso Toradze support Anzor Erkomaishvili
Composer Gia Kancheli, pianist Lekso Toradze and theatre director Robert Sturua announced their support for the Rustavi Ensemble Artistic Director Anzor Erkomaishvili on Friday after he was criticized in relation to a Culture Ministry position.
Sukhishvilis’ biographical project “Ramishvilis” – ‘history, nostalgia and love’
Project “Ramishvilis” by the Sukhishvilis National Ballet premiered on Sunday at the Rustaveli Theatre, after the long-standing idea by Iliko Sukhishvili was prepared in the space of three to four months.
Gharibashvili and Ivanishvili with families at ‘Ramishvilis’ premiere
Shota Rustaveli Theatre hosted a new project by Sukhishvilis dance ensemble on December 22. The show for the project titled “Ramishvilis” was attended by the Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili and former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili
‘In Bloom’ is not on the list of Academy Awards Foreign Language Film nominations
The foreign language film nominations of the 86th Academy Awards will not feature “In Bloom” by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross.
Sergey Bezrukov in Tbilisi – ‘Lezginka’ performed in Chockha
Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov was in Tbilisi with an invitation from the Chamber of Culture of Georgia, performing in a mono spectacle “The Hooligan. A Confession”
Tchabua Amirejibi’s funeral will be funded by the Government
The Government of Georgia will provide funding for the funeral of Tchabua Amirejibi, the famous Georgian author, Deputy Culture Minister Manana Berikashvili told reporters
Georgian Qvevri wine-making method given a Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO
The traditional Georgian method of “Qvevri” winemaking has been given the status of a cultural heritage by the UNESCO
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Most of us would probably agree that looking back is much easier than gazing into the future. Evaluating the past is extremely important but having a more or less unmistakably calculated vision of prospective hazards or opportunities should be even more significant. If on the eve of political upheaval of the beginning of those roaring nineties of the 20th century in the former USSR the Georgian political leadership of that time and the nation’s intellectual elite had had a clearer perspective of those devastating incipient developments, Georgia might have endured the end-of-soviet-era economic social and political “earthquakes” much easier and with minimized pains and losses.
A special group will work on the issue of the Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB). The group will try to solve the deadlock created around the GPB board after the verdict of the Constitutional Court. Majority member Eliso Chapidze claims that the court made a decision that would disturb the reform of the Public Broadcaster. Last year the Parliament amended the Law on Broadcasting, introducing a new rule for the formation of the Board of Trustees of GPB. The new rule envisaged pre-term termination of the authority of seven current members of the Board from January 2014. In December 2013 however, six members of the board filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court arguing that the termination of their authority was illegal and unconstitutional.
The pre-election campaign has begun and society already knows the candidates of the main competitor parties. The candidate of Georgian Dream David Narmania will face the candidate of National Movement Nika Melia as his main competitor. Georgian Journal talked with Guram Chakhvadze about the chances of the candidate of Georgian Dream and about the pre-election campaign.
The problem of the Sakdrisi-Kachagiani gold mine still remains unsolved. An initiative group consisting of students, NGO representatives and environmental activists are camping nearby the mine, stressing that the company RMG gold has started excavation work on a section of the mine that is historical heritage of the country. The initiative group states that they have footage proving the illegal action and claim that they will deliver the evidence to law-enforcers. Caves and mining tools discovered at the site during a 2004 excavation by the National Museum of Georgia and the German Mining Museum are believed to date to the third millennium, BC.
But in its March 14, 2014 decision, the Ministry of Culture cited a supposed lack of proof that Sakdrisi had ever functioned as a gold mine as a reason for lifting the site’s protected status as a “cultural monument.” For the past eight years, Sakdrisi had enjoyed protection, a designation that prevented mining at the site, located near the village of Kazreti, where a vast copper mine owned by RMG Gold’s sibling, RMG Copper, is located.
(Article from archive)
The Establishment again began making guesses about the possibility of appointing a ‘Russia’s man’ to govern Georgia and at the same time they recalled Mikheil Saakashvili’s divulged Kiev-Moscow-Tbilisi voyage. We spoke with the leader of the National Movement and MP Mikheil Saakashvili.
Q. – In his interview with the Russian press, President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze stressed that three or four young men can be his successors but he doesn’t mention a Mikheil, i.e. Saakashvili…
A. – My heart would burst if Shevardnadze mentioned me as his successor. Actually, his rhetoric implying three or four young men as his successors is bluff and hypocrisy, because Shevardnadze told me personally that he meant me as his successor. He also personally told Zurab Zhvania that he’d be his successor; he also said this to Shashiashvili and several other governors (!). I also know that up till now he is telling different people that they will substitute him but I’m sure – as soon as the President believes that there indeed is his alternative, the person will automatically find himself in the opposite camp cast there personally by Shevardnadze.
Q. – Under the situation when the interests of the USA and Russia clash in Georgia, a government of which orientation can come to power in the country?
A. – I don’t think the USA will seriously get involved in the processes of our home policy. But Russia probably has and will have attempt it. It’s to be mentioned separately that Putin himself has learnt to use civilized language with the West and the fact that Putin publicly abased the President of Georgia at the CIS summit indicates that he doesn’t consider Georgia to be a force deserving reckoning with. If I were a Russian I’d like Putin as an energetic and nationalist person who knows well what his country needs, but as a Georgian I’m offended to see the Georgian government and President in such a humiliated situation.
Russia displays much more interest towards Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and even Moldova than Georgia and this isn’t the Georgian people’s fault. This happens due to the government’s policy which isn’t oriented at Georgia’s interests. What’s more, you can’t demand from Russia to consider our interests. I’m not and even can’t be against the Russian capital, but in a democratic country business and politics should exist separately. But when politics merges with business then we deal with mafia-controlled structures.

The special state commission that was researching the reasons of the Georgia-Russia war of August 2008 has wrapped up its work. Defense Minister Irakli Alasania has stated that the results of the survey will be introduced to Georgian society soon, presumably, by the end of the month. The opposition UNM members claim that the research might be politically motivated, aiming at political pressure on the United National Movement members prior to the local self-government elections scheduled for June 15. The commission was established at the Ministry of Defense in August 2013. According to the statements made by Minister Alasania then the research would not be political, it would be a military, tactical, operative and strategic evaluation of the combat operations with the goal of improving the future strategy of the Georgian army.
Georgian Journal talked with political expert Nika Chitadze about the candidate of the National Movement Nika Melia and the chances of the party in upcoming elections. The National Movement lost the last two elections which became crucial for the party. We are interested in how the Georgian political expert sees the future of the National Movement in both cases, if the party wins or loses the elections.
The Georgian agriculture loans portfolio has increased more than five-fold from GEL 59 million to GEL 318 million within a year, this in the framework of the state initiated Preferential Agro-Credit project. The project started on 27 March 2013 and implies State co-financing of banking credits for farmers and agriculture related enterprises to boost the sluggish agriculture sector of Georgia. 14,100 preferential credits with a total volume of GEL 318 million were disbursed in more than 30 agriculture branches, statistics show. 70 new processing enterprises were set up and 400 old ones were renovated. The result is estimated as positive but far from satisfactory because similar statistics show a staggering imbalance in the credits’ redistribution between the east and west parts of the country.
While gold price goes down at the global markets it crawls up Georgian market. As a matter of fact, Tbilisi Gold Exchange more-less pursues the international gold market trends. But beyond the TGX this trend has no impact unless it is going up. Petty traders involved in sale of gold jewelry, pawn-shops or financial institutions requiring for gold items as the loans back-up increase prices instantly if they go high at the global market while react on drops very slowly if ever. Some analysts believe this bespeaks of the monopoly.
A new draft law on Georgian postal communication opposes best practices and international obligations assumed by the EU. It lays ground to the emergence of a monopolistic company on the market that may scare off around 40 communication companies including the global fames DHL, TNT, UPS and FEDEX. If this happens, the image of Georgia will be marred significantly because the world only knows about one similar precedent in Turkmenistan when international postal companies left the country in 2005.
GEL Exchange